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January 2 [Sat]
-March 7 [Sun]
Foreign Sceneries
March 20 [Sat]
-May 16[Sun]
Marie Laurencin × Yumeji Takehisa, girls' dreams are avant-garde
May 22 [Sat]
-July 18[Sun]
Rey Camoy Attitudes
July 22 [Thu]
-September 26[Sun]
There is such a way to draw? Enjoyable Cray-pas painting exhibition
October 2 [Sat.]
-December 19 [Sun.] 2021
Sylvanian Families

January 2 [Thurs]-March 8 [Sun] Exhibition of Treasury, Fine and Rare Pieces
March 20 [Fri]-May 17 [Sun] 2020 Spring in full bloom - A stroll beneath the cherry blossoms
May 23 [Sat]-July 19 [Sun] 2020 Hommage! Parody!! Artists are taken with Masterpieces
July 23 [Thurs]-September 22 [Tue] 2020 Sakana-kun's Gyokuraku Exhibition
Ocrober 3 [Sat]-December 13 [Sun] 2020 FRANCE⇔JAPON UMEHARA et FOUJITA
October 19 [Sat]
-December 15 [Sun]
An Anniversary Exhibition of KATAOKA Tsurutaro -faces-: 25 years as an artist and 45 years as an entertainer
August 3 [Sat]
-October 14 [Sun]
Full of Animals! Animal Art Exhibition
May 25 [Sat]
-July 28 [Sun]
Realistic Paintings, Now and Then
March 23 [Sat]
-May 19 [Sun]
Daisuke Miyatsu Collection x Kasama Nichido Museum of Art Blending the quintessence of modern and contemporary art
January 2 [Wed]-March 17 [Sun] ART and EAT -something about art around food-
Public Photograph Exhibition 2019 "Meals"