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Welcome to Wonderland

July 16 [Sat.] - September 25 [Sun.] 2022

kana WATANABE "The River"(detail) 2012 195x1028cm housed in Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi

Kasama Nichido Museum of Art is pleased to become the temporary house of a large-scale piece, measuring more than 10 meters, by artist Kana WATANABE who has reached tremendous popularity for her paintings representing giant flowers. Also showcasing the work of artists such as Sho SAITO with his comical worlds populated by humanized animals, Osamu WATANABE and his playful use of fake cream to decorate famous masterpieces, and Ken YASHIKI whose artistic practice embraces the traditional, Japanese technique of KIMEKOMI*, the exhibition takes visitors on a journey to discover the wonderland these artists have created. We hope that through the works on view visitors will be able to experience the wonder and the bliss of art. *a technique where a pattern is drawn and then cut onto a surface, and fabric is then placed over the pattern and tucked into the cuts.

Exhibition Welcome to Wonderland
Date July 16 [Sat.] - September 25 [Sun.] 2022
Place Kasama Nichido Museum of Art
Hours 9:30-17:00 Tuesday-Sunday
Closed Mondays
Admissions Adults 1000 yen/ Seniors 65+ 800 yen Collage/ High School Students 700 yen Junior High School/ Elementary School Students Free.
(200 yen discount for each visitor in a group more than 20 people, 50% discount for the handicapped ID holders and their companion.)

Special Event

Gallery Talks in Japanese
July 16 [Sat.], August 20 [Sat.],September 23[Fri.]

Drawing wonder art Workshop *Advance application required*
July 30 [Sat], August 6 [Sat] 10:00-14:30 detail here

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