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Fujisawa City Collection - Maneki-Neko-Tei Collection - A Cats' World II

March 19 [Sat]-May 15 [Sun], 2022.

Kuniyoshi Kaneko "Micky & Lily">

First held in the summer of 2011, The exhibition "A Cats' World" warmed visitors' heart in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake. On view for the second time at Kasama Nichido Museum of Art, the exhibition puts on display an even larger collection. People's fascination with cats dates back to the ancient times when they were cherished for several of their characteristic traits: their loveliness, delicate movements, wild nature and mystical presence to name a few. The "Maneki-Neko-Tei Collection" is a collection of cat-themed artworks put together over a period of 40 years by a couple who shared a common passion for cats. The exhibition features artworks from both Eastern and Western artists who have been expressing an interest in cats and includes Kuniyoshi Utagawa's Ukiyo-e work and artworks by Tsuguharu Fujita and Tadanori Yokoo. We hope that through this artwork selection you will be able to experience the same compelling fascination with cats.

Theophile Alexandre Steinlen "Cats and Girl"

Nobuchika Yoshu "Amulet for Sericulture (drawing for keeping mouse away)"

Yoshiiku Utagawa (Ochiai) "Yo ha Nasake Ukina no Yokogushi"   

Kuniyoshi Utagawa  "Comic faces of Cat"  

Hiroaki Takahashi "Japanese Bobtail"  

Akio Omori "Table in Moonlit Night -Burmese-" (Photo:KATSURA ENDO)
Exhibition Fujisawa City Collection - Maneki-Neko-Tei Collection - A Cats' World II
Date March 19 [Sat]-May 15 [Sun], 2022.
Place Kasama Nichido Museum of Art
Hours 9:30-17:00 Tuesday-Sunday
Closed Mondays(Exceptionally, the museum will be open on March 21 and May 2, and instead it will be closed on March 22, 2022)
Admissions Adults 1000 yen/ Seniors 65+ 800 yen Collage/ High School Students 700 yen Junior High School/ Elementary School Students Free.
(200 yen discount for each visitor in a group more than 20 people, 50% discount for the handicapped ID holders and their companion.)

Special Event

Gallery Talks in Japanese
March 21 [Mon.], April 16 [Sat.], May 5 [Thu.]

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