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Rey Camoy Attitudes

May 22 [Sat] - July 18 [Sun] 2021

Dance!, 1974-75, private collection

Rey Camoy was born to Yu Kamoi who were a chief editor of newspaper company, The Hokkoku Shimbun and Moyo. Rey had an elder brother, Akira and an elder sister, Yoko. Since Yu wrote the editorial on the day of the defeat in 1945, he had begun remarkable action under the slogan of "Ishikawa Prefecture makes living with an art culture." On 3 days later of that he organized association for the establishment of Ishikawa Prefectural Museum in his company. Akira died on the Leyte front, had aspired to be an architect. Yoko had a great influence on postwar women as an underwear designer, also as known for an unique painter. In the exhibition, we explore how Rey became a painter through interacting with his family, further exhibit materials that are released for the first time and delved into the personality of Rey.

Self-portrait (Last work), 1985,
Kasama Nichido Museum of Art

Drunkard in my village (A), 1973,
Kasama Nichido Museum of Art
Exhibition Rey Camoy Attitudes
Date May 22 [Sat] - July 18 [Sun] 2021
Place Kasama Nichido Museum of Art
Hours 9:30-17:00 Tuesday-Sunday
Closed Mondays
Admissions Adults 1000 yen/ Seniors 65+ 800 yen Collage/ High School Students 700 yen Junior High School/ Elementary School Students Free
(200 yen discount for each visitor in a group more than 20 people, 50% discount for the handicapped ID holders and their companion.)

Special Event

Face-to-Face Talk: Director and vice-director of Kasama Nichido Museum of Art
May 22 [Sat]

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