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Vincent van GOGH

"Woman on a Road among Trees" (1890)
Vincent van GOGH (1853-1890)
Date ca. 1889-1890
Materials/ Techniques oil on canvas
Size 33.5 x 41.2 cm

Gogh is a painter of the Netherlands. He was born in Zundert in the North Brabant in 1890, and passed away in the Auvers-sur-Oise, outside of Paris, in 1890. He is the son of a pastor. He first worked at an art dealing firm, then he had a religious passion for a missionary, finally decided to be a painter. From then on, he started to study painting himself. He drew the sceneries of peasants and workers in dark tones, during his days in the Netherlands. An important piece of this period is the "Potato Eaters."
In 1886, the colors of Gogh's paintings changed into the brighter tones under the influence of the works of Impressionists and the Japanese woodblock prints (ukiyo-e). After he moved to Arles in the South of France in 1888, he established his original style of painting. In the same year, Gogh started live together with Gauguin from Paris, but the trouble between them caused the tragic incidence of Gogh cutting off his ear. As he suffered from occasional mental disorders, he entered a mental hospital of Saint-Remy.
"Path at Saint-Remy" is the piece from this period. The colors of the painting shine as they caught the dazzling sun, and the beats of the painter's spirits impress us through vigorous brush strokes. The image itself gives us the bright and wholesome impressions, while he was insane.
In 1890, he killed himself with a gun. Most of his works still have a strong influence on today's viewers.

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